Tuesday, January 29, 2013

BornPretty Store 32 Nail Art Polish Display Tips Stand Practice Tool Review

First I must say this tool is awesome for who are new to nail art,those who need to practice there nail art.and this is just only $10.87.

It has 32 peace on each set with stand,u can display all u work to your client with this .this is so cool and adorable,You can get 10% Discount for any parches in Bornpretty Store using this code.

It is Bc5k31

And the link for this item is 

Lets see how it is 

And i did some nail art with this i also use the stamping system for this,it is also from Bornpretty Store.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bornpretty Store Candy Colors Glow In Dark Nail Polish Review

Hello My Dear Lovely Readers,

So Today i am going to do review for this super cool 4 nail polish from Bornpretty Store,
thy have 10 colors to choose,each one are so eye catching,and i love them ,and so let get in to the topic,i choose 4 color from that set and those colors no are

No .01




So this 4 colors are amazing,thy do there job perfectly,and if we talk about this polishes quality thy have the good quality and more info 
 need previously exposure under light
Illuminate the parties and show them to your friends
You can apply various colors on to the same nail to create special deffects
2 - 3 layers and use topcoat for better result
Each bottle contains 7ml
10 colors for choose
For one bottle u only have to pay $2.99.and Bornpretty Store free shipping for worldwide, they only take few days to come.in my experience thare product is not only for self use,you can also use this things for ur professional saloon .thay are packaging and customer service is brilliant,

Now I am going to tell you how to use this.
First Apply top code to ur nail ,and let it dry,then apply u fav color candy color nail polish and u have to add thick layer or if not apply second code,and u can do some design on it too,finally protect ur work with top code.If need to buy this click here for link 

You can get 10% off for any purchase in Bornpretty Store,use the coupen code 
http://www.bornprettystore.com/ site-wide 10% off coupon BC5K31

And lets see some swatch and what design i came up with this awesome polish 

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