Saturday, April 20, 2013

Best Top Coat For Nail Foil

I love nail foils. They're fun and easy and can be really eye catching. The only problem is that they are delicate and not many topcoats work with them. Actually, it's rare to find a topcoat that works with them so I wear them without one and get maybe a few hours wear before my manicure is destroyed. I found a solution that has been working for me,and i found its on e can also buy this from
after i saw this set,i thought i should give this a try and here i am now
and I am so happy with the final results also i forgot to mention in the video ,do not apply your top coat that instant u finished ur design ,wait around 5 min and then u are good to apply it.this is my own experience with foils. You can watch the tutorial from here
And also you can try 
 water based glossy clear varnish,which work great like this.

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