Saturday, July 28, 2012

Colorful Zebra Print Nail Art With Flower Nail Art Tutorial

1.I used sponge method to all over my nail from gold nail polish.

2. Then from same method i applied blue as u see in picture.

3.Then pink and very lightly applied green yellow and orange of very tip on my nails.It doesn't have to be perfect.

4.And zebra print.

5.I used acrylic paint for make very tiny dots on one side of my nail.

6.Of course I used acrylic paint for my flower too,what i use is baby pink and made 4 petal and then draw black out line

7.And again out line from yellow.

8.Then i filled middle of flower from yellow and made little dots.

9. And Finally all you have to do is apply ur fav top code .!

10.You can choose any colors as your desire .

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