Friday, August 17, 2012

Born Pretty Store Product Review

Born Pretty Store Product 

<a href="" target="_blank">Born Pretty Nail Art</a>

2 Acrylic Colors Paints Brush + Pallete +19 brushes Nail Art Kit 

Pretty Good For Detailil work.

In This Set It comes With 15 Nail Art Brushes 

This 3 Brushes Are Very Good For One Stroke

I am useing this 2 brush for wipe extra dust and for some nail art too.

Pretty Good For Out lining

This brush you can use fill in and to other things for when u doing nail art.

My opinion about this 

This nail art brushes are from Bornpretty store.Its only cost  $14.90 with 12 color acrylic paint set and 4 nail art the full set is 
12 Acrylic Colors Paints Brush + Pallete +19 brushes Nail Art Kit .
This nail art brushes are pretty good for nail art .and u don't have to pay a lot of money for this set.I really recomand this set for anyone,even as a starter kit to who are new to nail art.And this brushes and paints can be use for 

Can be used on natural/false/acrylic/gel nails
Perfect for nail painting and drawing
Suitable for finest detailing tasks like painting leaves and flowers
Set of 15 nail art brushes:
3 drawing tools
7 painting tools
2 liners
1 dotting tool
2 fan brushes for nail art effect

And those two Platte u can use them to mix ur pain.really awesome.

Now I really dont need to cut brushes for my nail my experience it works better and fine.I really love this brush set and to also this acrylic paint.
All I have left to say is i will always use this for my nail art since today ..xoxo

Hope U love this.If u like to buy anything from Bornpretty store Use this 5 % discount code Bc5K31 

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