Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BornPretty Store Mood Changing Nail Polish Review

Today I want to show you a color changing nail polish from Born Pretty. It is the first nail polish of this kind that I own.
This is not a gradient manicure, I am just wearing this nail polish. I think the effect is very cool :)

Easy to use
Reflect the change of temperature
Change your mood with the magic effect

Magic Effect:
1.These playful nail polishes change color based on the temperature!
2. It's violet below 33° C and becomes white above 33° C.

once applied, this stuff responds instantly to temperature changes. The effect on shorter nails is an awesome "funky French" with purple tips on a pink base; on very long nails, it would produce a dramatic ombré effect. It works perfectly even with both basecoat and topcoat. This polish also impresses in other arenae: the big one is that it's mostly opaque in one coat and fully in two. The formula is a little thin and prone to streaking, but evens out nicely in two coats and with topcoat (it does dry to a matte finish). It dries lightning fast - I can actually feel it setting up on my nail. Interestingly, it doesn't smell anything like regular nail polish - you actually have to sniff the bottle (don't try this at home, kids), and then it's a sort of men's cologne scent rather than typical nail polish chemicals. My only criticism of this polish is that it's a very small amount for the price  and that there's no mixing ball in the bottle to help the polish mix evenly. The brush is also rather small and fat for long nails, although the short stem offers excellent control. I was very impressed with Born Pretty Store's communication and shipping - the person I dealt with was quite friendly, and the nail polish arrived very well-padded and in a reasonable amount of time considering the distance between Hong Kong and Dallas. I particularly appreciated that it was packaged in a small mailer that could be stuffed into my apartment mailbox rather than my having to go to the apartment office - overpackaging is every bit the sin (but for infinitely more important ecological reasons) as underpackaging. In summary, this is a really good quality "mood" polish - you might be able to find cheaper, but I can't speak to the quality of those.

In the water it gets totally pink 

In the out side

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